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le mostraremos una protesta al desnudo en alemania. >> y veremos como el gps puede causarle problemas. >> el termómetro marca 52 grados en san josé. >> santa rosa 53 grados. >> ya volvemos >> 1 el presidente ruso fue recibido en alemania donde tres mujeres con el torso desnudo miembros de un grupo feminista reclamaron sobre putin. >> vemos como llevar un gps en la mano cuando conduce es penado por la ley. >> hugo utiliza el programa de navegacion que tiene en su ipad. >> la ley quiere evitar que los conductores se distraigan. >> si los agentes del orden lo ven utilizando el teléfono como gps le pasaran una multa. >> la policía de san francisco indica que el mobil debe estar montado a su izquierda. >> la recomendacion que hacen las autoridades es algo sencillo. >> antes de manejar debe programar la locacion del gps. >> la mayoría tiene sistema de audio activado. >> se pide evitar distracciones y resucir los accidentes automovilisticos. >> distintos restaurantes presentaran solicitudes, pero los camiones de comida no están invitados. >> los organizadores quieresn ofrecer comida de
. that's not a good nudge it's a baffling thing it's a bad nudge. >> stephen: you say the gps is a good nudge. >> we got rid of a food pyramid it's more look a food plate. people can eat steak and chocolate but the plate says make half your plate fruits and vegetables you'll probably be on the right track. it's like a gps. if you want to meander on the street and get lost, you can ignore your gps. >> stephen: right, right and then gps also judges you. if you don't follow the gps' route it goes recalculating. >> the food plate doesn't judge you. >> stephen: it doesn't? recalculating your weight. no? cass sunstein thank you so much for joining me. the idea is simple.
. some courts think that the standard ought to be a warrant for location information generated by gps. others think the warrant requirement ought to apply for real-time but not stored .ocation information from our perspective, the standard ought to be a warrant, no matter how the information was generated, by sell tower or of, and a warrant regardless if it was accessed in real time or from storage. thank you. thanks, greg. i want to turn next to david lieber, privacy policy council for google. i want to ask you to elaborate further on the principle calling for a warrant for content in terms of what that means and how it would change existing law. >> sure, thank you. and i do want to thank the constitution project for sponsoring the even today. i cannot speak for the other panelists, but i am particularly grateful for the 25-foot commute over here. it was awesome. the ddt members and google certainly believe there should be a bright line, warrant for of the agerespective of the communications, the means our status of their storage, and access used by the developer in the normal course
back to revenues for a second. revenues are 16% of gp. the historical average is 18 or 19%. >> with the tax law changes we've had we'll be at 19% and the historical average over the last 40 years is 18%. guest: i think it's 18.5% but let's not quibble. guest: a lot of people sates not a revenue problem, it's a spending problem. the only way it's a spending problem is if you don't raise revenues or refuse to raise taxes. we've made commitments on medicare and medicaid and defense and we've built interest into the system. we have to decide if we want to keep those commitments. if the sans new york city that's acceptable. if the answer is yes, then revenue versus to go up to pay for it. guest: one of the problems with that point of view is it's easy to raise revenue to deal with the dysfunctions but the dysfunctions we have are a terrible burden on the economy in terms of us competing with the rest of the world. tuss government sector appears small but it's not. in europe the government sector includes healthcare f. you add althcare because it's this shadowy area, then the tw
missed any part of the show, find us on itunes. just search state of the union. fareed zakaria "gps" is next for our viewers here in the united states. >>> this is "gps the global >>> this is "gps the global public square." welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world, i'm fareed zakaria. fascinating, important things to talk about today. we'll start with north korea's saber rattling and the u.s. response. could it really lead to war? i have an all-star panel, tom friedman, richard haass to talk about that, the global economy and more. >>> then, we found a way to convince china to start worrying about global warming, i'll explain. >>> morgan stanley predicted that china, india, brazil and russia will all slow down. check, check, check, check. so, what does he say about america's prospects? >>> then, we'll talk to the great historian ian morris. we'll take you all the way from the ice age to the far distant future. >>> first, here's my take. time for the fat and thin envelopes. the annual ritual when colleges send out admission and rejection notices to well over a
offenders who served time are released on parole, only those considered high risk are given a gps tracker. the jump in the number of high risk offenders cutting off their ankle trackers have almost doubled since a policy change that sends march yolees minor violations. in 15 months prior to the change, more than 3100 warrants were issue forward sex offender fugitives n 15 months nearly 5,000 warrants were issued. a 58% increase. the state only counted the number of paroles. no matter how many times they did it. >> 92% of the time we'll do so. >> since realignment it means a few days in a local walk up. critics say that is why more paroles are ditching their gps. >> they're not cutting them off. they can drink a cup of coffee. they want opportunities to create more drims. >> take the case of jerome deavila. in and out of jail, charged with drugs and repeatedly disabling his gps tracker. he was supposed to be in jail for a different violation but was released early. >> received a 30 day sentence and was released the next day. >> a few days later police arrested him for killing and raping hi
put a gps tag on someone's car without a warrant. it's not that the government can't do it but they have to ask and this guy is committing this crime and this is our evidence so fall. we want to follow him in gps. imagine the world if you had politicians who didn't like their opponents and they put gps tags on their opponents. you have seen the acrimony in washington. would you wanted side to do surveillance on their enemies or people that don't like their speech. its terrible precedent allowing extension of cameras. >> eric: the difference here being you are targeting one or two persons -- tracking device on a person. my point was a general area, a camera that takes a picture of a general area, wouldn't that be a crime deterrent? >> we have a lot of that. that is my point. there is a different standard for government and private businesses. government has enormous power and it can be abused. a private business, macy's or gimbles can have cameras to protect their property. if you look back how much footage came from government and how much came from private cameras, i th
fareed zakaria gps is next. >> welcome to all of you in the united states and around a i'm fareed zakaria . it has been an extraordinary six days since two bombs exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon. today the lone surviving suspect in that attack lies in a hospital bed, unable to speak, unable to explain the destruction he and his brother are alleged to have wrought. in this hour, we will try to get to the bottom of the key issues around the attack. we'll start with an exclusive interview with ray kelly, the commissioner of the new york police department. he runs one of the largest counterterrorism teams outside of the federal government, and we will get his key insight. then, soft targets, ieds, high-value interrogation, chechnya and more. we will dig deep in to some crucial aspects of the case with a true all-star gps panel. also on the show we will take a few breaks from terror to look at gold, which isn't as glittery as it used to be and what lessons the u.s. congress could learn from these wilting legislators. but first here's my take. we're learning a great
sistema de gps usado mientras maneja le podría costar una multa >> x÷ la exd primwera ministra de gran bretaña falleció el día de hoy. la conocida dama de hierro. >> las banderas están a media hasta en gran bretaña y los vientos huracanados causaron destrozos en varios lugares del Área de la bahia. >> y desde anoche los vientos en algunos lugares del Área de la bahiade rribaron árboles y algunas casas y los vientos continúan y existen riesgos de accidente. >> existe un promedio de varios accidentes. >> y donde algunas personas resultaron heridas. >> varias casas resultaron dañadas. >> en san francisco y los vientos alcanzaron las 75 millas por hora. >> a marco lo asustaron los fuertes vientos y lo llevaron a levantarse. >> algunas plantillas cayeron. >> algunos residentes se quedaron sin luz. >> un árbol caído se cayo de raíz y la patrulla de caminos advierte a los conductores tener extrema precaución. >> y también la patrulla de caminos piden a las personas estar alerta. >> también para eso de las 8 de la noche el servicio metereologico, vemos como se dará la informac
a gps tag on someone's car without a warrant? they have to ask for a warrant and say this guy is committing this crime and involved in this and this is our evidence so far and we'll follow them with a gps. imagine the world we live in if you have politicians that don't like your opponents would you want one side republicans or democrats to have surveillance on enemies. if is a terrible precedent and we need to be careful with the allowing cameras. >> you are putting a tracking device on a person. my point is a general area would that be a crime deterrent? >> we have a lot of that. my point is, there is a different standard for government and private businesses. government has enormous power and can be abused. macy's or gimbles can have cam ras to protect their property and if you looked back at how much footage came from government and private cameras. i think you find the fast majority is private cameras and private image. somed said you are were inconsistent and i think you are . would you care to clarify. >> yeah, my policy on the drones and filibuster haven't changed. they
trafico. cesar ---atencion, si usted conduce su coche y utiliza su localizador satelital o "gps" que posee su telefono movil podria ser multado... take vo ---asi como lo escucha... un juzgado de california determino que usar el "gps" del movil es ilegal mientras conduce y un oficial de la ley podria multarlo... ---utilizar el gps genera distraccion al igual que utilizar su telefono movil sin un aparato de manos libres o enviar mensajes de texto... ---la resolucion judicial no menciona los gps que poseen los coches. blanca ---la autoridades de la loteria de california han decidido que a partir de hoy lunes, los californianos podran comprar los boletos de "powerball". take vo --- la loteria que entrega 6 de los 10 mayores premios en la nacion llega al estado dorado. ---con 2 dolares que cuesta el boleto, usted puede ganarse un premio que inicia en 40 millones de dolares el cual se incrementa en 10 millones cada vez que nadie le pega al premio gordo. ---los jugadores deberan escoger 5 numeros entre el 1 y el 59 y un numero powerball del uno al 35. cesar ---nueva pausa pero en minutos, take vo
. >> pam: new figures show. an alarming number of sex offenders in california. are cutting off their g-p-s devices. this allows them to go undetected. and presents the opportunity they could commit new crimes. new tonight at 8-- kron 4's justine waldman tells us why. some say the sex offender fugitives don't fear being caught. every sex offender parolee in california must wear a gps device around their ankle >> reporter: new reports shows a 65% increase in sex offenders trackedthat went off the radar. either they cut off their devices or did not charge them. in many cases, an offender cut off the strap more than once. in 2012 in california. a total of 4,153 warrants went out for sex offenders who committed this violation. breaking that number down by county here in the bay area in alameda that is 176 warrants. contra costa - 41 warrants. san francisco - 150. santa clara - 151. santa cruz - 19. the department of corrections says in most cases the fugitives were caught, quickly. saying over the past three years, the number recaptured is 92%,. and on average it took about 12 days to catch the
that we collect data from the gps showing how much work you put in. so, steps in intensity, elevation distance travel. our goal is to make health not feel like work. show an impact doing small things like taking the stairs instead of escalator, walking somewhere to get a healthy lunch. we created an overall health score based on life expectancy. for that we're using a lot of data from the u.s. government, cdc, another company called practice fusion and electronic medical record vendor. and again, what we try to do is make health fun and make the experience of health about exploring this great city that we're in and then showing the long-term health benefits of doing so. right now we're looking for beta users in the city and we'll launch in about a month or two. thank you very much. we're really happy to be here. (applause) >> cool, we're going to do a short panel talking about the state of open data and sort of what specifically some of these companies are doing which you've gotten a brief peek on. again, you're probably familiar with, already know who a lot of these people are. reall
today's show, search us on itunes. fareed zakaria "gps" is next for our viewers here in the united states. >>> this is "gps global public square." welcome it all of you in the united states and around the world, i'm fareed zakaria. >>> this week, president obama released his 2014 budget proposal and will start with two crucial debates about it. first up, is obama's budget a step forward? will we get our house in order? we have a debate. ronald reagan's budget director david stockman versus austan goolsbee. then, america's debt and deficits going forward will largely be caused by one factor, health care. how do bring these costs down. the great debate we should all be having. steven brill and david goldhill present two very different views. also, anthony bourdain on globalization and food. what does he learn from eating stuff all over the world. >> that's good. >> i'll ask him. >>> and a lesson in ethics from an unlikely source. an emerging markets business titan. ratan tata ran india's biggest conglomerate and how businesses should live by a moral code. >>> i grew up admiring marga
tunes. fareed zakaria, "gps" is next. >>> this is "gps global public square." welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. today we'll ask how to handle terrorism post-boston. start with the former director of cia and national security agency michael haden. how to stop the lone, self-radicalized terrorists. >>> next, we'll take you halfway around the world to chechnya to delve into the chechen connection. how does someone get radicalized? i'll ask the director of a terrific and timely new movie "the reluctant fundamentalist." and we'll talk to google's executive chairman eric schmidt about technology and terrorism, as well as other things. >>> finally, why the world can't get enough of ben franklin. i'll explain. but, first, here's my take. as we learn more about the brothers tsarnaev, we want to ask larger questions about radical islam, muslim communities and the break down. what do they tell us about all this? the most accurate answer might turn out to be, not much. larger phenomenon might be at work. but they might not reflect intensificati
to the gps act. it's the widened-kurt gps act. it's the same piece of legislation at 639. and it would require a warrant for location information regardless of whether it's stored or accessed real-time regardless of whether it's generated by gps or by cell tower location. >> david, i want to give you chance altered to talk more about google's participation in ddp. we don't often necessarily seek a company like google on the same side as the privacy advocacy community. so if you could just explain a little bit why is google a part of country, why on this issue do you find yourself very much instinct with the private accuracy? >> i think this underscores the point we been alluding, which is there's the broad spectrum of support both on the right and left for the principles that we are espousing. or maybe there is disagreements among consumer groups and trade associations encompass like google about striking the right balance in terms of commercial privacy but all of us recognize the gap that exists under current law. all of us believe in the fundamental prescription that we need to make
think that the standard ought to be a warrant for location information generated by gps. others think the warrant requirement ought to apply i for realtime but not stored location information. from our perspective the standard ought to be a warrant no matter how the information was generated, by cell tower or gps, and a warrant regardless of whether it was accessed in realtime or accessed from storage. thank you. >> thanks, greg. so i want to turn next to david leiber who is privacy policy counsel for google, and i want to ask you if you would elaborate a little bit further on the ddp principle calling for a warrant for content in terms of what that means and how that would change existing law. >> sure, thank you, sharon. and i do want to thank the constitution project for sponsoring the event today. i can't speak for the other panelists, but i'm particularly grateful for the 25-foot commute over here. [laughter] it was awesome. so, simply stated, you know, the ddp members and google certainly believe that there should be a bright line, you know, warrant for content rule. er respect i
not to text and drive now the new ruling that could make it difficult for california drivers to use their gps. >> is some baby food so dangerous they need a warning label? >> they should not make it anymore. >> the bay area case at the heart of the controversy. >> coming up after the break, he tried to bring more than 3- ounces of liquid through tsa security, why the tsa admits they made a mistake. see back i, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>> we want to bring you an update on a brush fire burning near fillmore in ventura county. it is threatening homes in the area. you are looking at live pictures from southern california. it st
hurt an employee perk. >> why you shouldn't touch the gps in the car until you hear the latest ruling from a >>> a livermore man saved by a passing kayaker remains in a placerville hospital with serious conditions. the 50-year-old was driving with his wife and three daughters on highway 50 when their suv crashed off the road and into the american river. a kayaker returned to rescue lemler and his wife. lemler is expected to survive. the wife ask three caught daughters suffered only bumps and bruise autos wow. >> in san mateo a mountain lie john was spotted along highway 20 this morning reported to official about 8:30. that is close to td crystal springs reservoir. if you encounter the mountain lion, make noise and try to appear larger. >> a lot of silicon valley workers who used to enjoy a free lunch are suddenly feeling the heat from the tax man. >> this give as ktants indigestion. typical of this one that offers plenty of lunch choice autos sometimes i eat at the desk. >> and other companies describe free lunches as another koflt of doing business. >> saving time, being more product
off their g.p.s. ankle trackers. recently, large numbers of paroles have been sent to county jail for certain relatively minor violations. >> they are not cutting them off they can drink a cup of coffee unmonitored but they doing it to have an opportunity to commit new crimes. >> if they leave we go after them and 92 percent of the time we catch them with in 12 days on average. >> they are dipping the g.p.s. trackers because of weak consequences. be recaptured only mean as few days in jail and if the facility is overcrowded it could mean no jail time. >> an east bay prosecutor says two dozen are facing charges in a financial aid scheme at contra costa college according to our media partner, the "contra costa times" with the phony students receiverring money to attend the college. however, they never went to class. all 22 people involved used the same two addresses belonging to a richmond couple. the ringleaders. the 45-year-old and her boyfriend, a 54-year-old ran the scheme like a business, using flyers and contracts do recruit people. exchange they asked for 25 percent slice abo
cell phone towers and the gps signal. is that something police should need a warned for? is that important to congress to address that issue? the coalition is not focusing on that. it is focusing on ecpa. from a civil liberties standpoint, and definitely legislation is needed to stop the unwarranted tracking of individuals. just because they have the gps in their phone or their car. i think rover would agree that the law needs to be change. that is not the focus of the digital fourth coalition. cars, mobile and the cloud. does that affect how the law looks at the medications? if you are in your league car you can text on your phone or your car. does that affect the law? >> i'm not sure if it should. if you're using your phone in , but in-- not driving .he passenger seat i think it should be the same as if you wrote a letter in the car. , how often are police using these searches today? do we know? >> we do not have a way of tracking how often these subpoenas are issued. but i think the internet service providers have hinted that it has been quite often and that they are
, a gps system 'cause these maps are from, like, the '70s. gps system? oh, hell no. that's going to ruin the road trip experience. we got to go do this old-school, baby: maps, fresh cigarettes, fresh coffee.
reward the driver who went there. you have a gps system in the cab companies and all the cabs. last week i picked up a ride, i went to serve that order, on grenwhich and -- the company was there, he said wait here. i said okay, what for? i called uber. uber shows up. what is my fare? uber will go home. and i will take over. thank you very much. >> (calling names) >> good afternoon board of directors. we need an app, a universal app for all the cabs on the same app. some of them have flywheel; some taxi magic; some uber, whatever there is something they are doing. when the mca to come up; existing hardware is already in in half the cabs, the software mounted. i have a phone in my cab with flywheel; it works great. if i get to matters and no one is there, my cell phone is programmed into the app, rings with the customer on the other end, you're on 4th avenue, not 4th street. whatever. it works great. even when it doesn't. we need this technology because right now flywheel isn't 700 cabs on that app, i asked people, how long did you wait for this ride, saturday night? 9-10 minutes. it can
to hear what we have to say. and there is a misconception that gps monitoring, who is going to pay for that? the taxpayers or the defendant? generally i hear the models the defendant, does he want to go to work with a leg monitor on his leg or security bond. you are innocent until proven guilty. and the other thing about the pre-trial incarceration figures. they are not there because the family can't release the money. and it's hard to get the numbers, the transparency is not there on pretrial release figures. but these people are in custody and they -- you know i lost my train of thought. that's a senior moment. i was going to make a good point and i apologize. >> let me go to your neighbor, because i want to actually find out if you are in the minority. mrs. mccracken, does your organization support the election of money bail? or are you focused on other reforms? >> we are focused on other reforms. we advocate for the expansion or the implementation of pretrial services. there is great demand for that across the state of california. the criminal justice institute has been just re
that included latitude and longitude. each location was mapped using a gps -- garmin gps so we were able to locate those locations for comparison purposes, photo was taken of each graffiti, site was characterized whether it was a hot location in the neighborhood, if it didn't have a street name the intersection of the location the graffiti was also determined. at each location, then, there could have been 10 pieces of graffiti, there could have been 5. each piece of graffiti was given a unique graffiti identification code, the target property, and i'll go through some definitions what these are, but the side, the tagger name, the crew name, the time of the photo, which categories it fit in, which descriptors, all that information was recorded about each piece of graffiti at that location. so, for example, size. how do you categorize size. what we did was come up with predetermined classifications about what we could categorize as size and we looked at the types of graffiti that we were seeing in the city and what are the sort of the -- what are we trying to get? do i want to know if
be illegal to use your gps. brian kilmeade we can find him out a gps. let me tell you what's coming up, he could stream at him or do something else. we have a doctor who can help you avoid a misdiagnose sis that are unnecessary because your dras won't listen. many people think she is going to run for president. laura ingram. i will breakdown the dougs that a -- it's all coming up on "fox & friends." i have to get my stuff. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below...
efforts to try to get drivers to stop using the gps while beyond the wheel. >> plus, first cigarettes, now e cigarettes, local county on the verge of imposing tough restrictions on all smokers today. >>> today is equal pay today. what does it mean? we'll take a look coming up in business news. >>> as christina loren likes to say, we're getting paid in sunshine around the bay area. this is a look over san bruno right now, clear skies. beautiful temperatures. enjoy it all week long. we're back in minutes. >>> welcome back. santa clara's city leaders are dreaming big exploring their options for a chunk of land near the new 49ers stadium. the city will talk today about entering into an exclusive negotiating agreement when the major commercial and residential developer. a mix of hotels, restaurants anderson retail spaces are all on the table. the 230-acre property is currently home to the city's golf course and bmx track. if the project goes through the development will be more than five times as large as san jose's santana row. >>> a recent court ruling could prevent you from using your gps ne
clients with gps enabled i goctiontionv tal cameras. every time someone goes out -- anybody have people that clean up their graffiti neighborhood services department? phoenix has neighborhood services department. they go out, see the graffiti, they take a picture of it with these cameras that graffiti tracker gives you. graffiti tracker, you take the pictures gps enabled. it sends it back to graffiti tracker. graffiti tracker puts it in a database for us. i have it on my phone. they give us these phones that have all of our apps on it for graffiti. graffiti tracker here on my phone. a sewer, like we were looking at earlier, say sewer painted. they take the gps enabled camera. they take a picture, that gets sent in here. i have a ton of things you can do on this thing where you can find out sewer hit at 37th street indian school road 52 times. and just like you were showing in the presentation how different areas are with the little graphs, they put the whole graph for you. it's all done for you so you don't have to do it. go ahead. >> so, they identify the tager so they can make sure [i
that our people and platforms won't continue to be dangerously reliant on g.p.s. as they are today. if we look across our programs we're also building new approaches to space and to robotics, to advanced platforms, advanced weapons systems and beneath all of that, we're building a newfoundation of emerging technologies in software and electronics and materials but also today new technologies that emerge from the biological sciences. and if we're successful, as i think we really must be in this darpa endeavor, what that will mean for the future is that our future leaders and commanders will have real options, powerful options, for all the range of threats that we face in the years and decades ahead. that's really how we will enable our nation to achieve its strategic objective in a decisive fashion. that's what we're trying to do at darpa today. i hope i've given you a little bit of a view on what we do and how we do it, a little sense of how we're thinking about our mission in the context of the complex world we're living in today and finally a sense of what that future might look like. i
the department of corrections showing that more sex offenders are removing their gps devices. two-thirds of these convicted device is one of the rider the last couple of years. to potentially commit war crimes. as a result they have issued 4100 warrants. offenders to not fear being caught because the consequences are minimal. that is a county jail sentence and said a state prison. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. concerns of safety for the new span of the bay bridge. we'll get an up close look at the faulty bolts that could delay the labor day opening. >> live look outside san mateo bridge it is going to be a beautiful, sunny day. not much traffic. >> that is always nice. [laughter] >> concerns about the safety of the eastern span of the bay bridge are still unfoldin has learned more about why those 32 anchor rods may fast caltrans is saying that they suspect that an excessive amount of hydrogen may have seeped into a batch of anchor rods, making the steel brittle and eventually causing the rods to break. but the question is how did on friday caltrans released very detailed in
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